BLACKbook: Scorpions-Tour - Day 3

Leipzig: Arena Leipzig

In life things can take quite the turn. What has been a stressful and at times horrifying experience the day before, is a calm and relaxed atmosphere of finally being back in the pilot seat. We arrive safe and sound at the arena, the fabulous Scorpions Crew - they call themselves - "The sCREWpions" - are already building the stage and setting up the lights while we check out our Backstage and dressing room. The Arena is a cool location, smaller than the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, but not less impressive. It would be too much to say that we already "got used to this", but we feel a lot safer.

There is not much happening and not much to do, we have lots of time on our hands and setting up our stuff is by now in fact not even remotely stressful. So let's take a moment to talk about the real reason why any musician aspires greatness - THE FOOD!

I am quite afraid that I won't fit in my old Mazda when I return home, but will you look at that? But the worst thing that could happen to me are the deserts. Oh boy... Handmade brownies, dark chocolate cream cake, vanilla creams, cherry cakes... You might have guessed it by now, I have a serious problem. I admit, I'm a cake addict. Sweets in general, but cake... man. Can't go wrong with a nice piece of cake. And this catering DELIVERS!!! No matter how big the stages get, there is no chance of running around that much to actually use up all the energy I consume in form of baked sugary awesomeness. 

So time goes by rather quickly when you're in a good mood with awesome food! It's almost showtime, and everyone is just relaxed and looking forward to hit the stage! The intro starts and... wait, the intro doesn't start! That can't be good. People running around on stage. The crowd is wondering what is happening. Clueless faces, stressed and hectic movements. Something is going wrong. Hundreds and hundreds of meters of cables, connectors, lots of possible sources of failure and so little time. What we had all day in abundance is what is running out now - time. I feel my hands getting sweaty, my muscles getting tense, my heartbeat is consistently on the rise. But then, suddenly, there it is! The intro is back! 20 seconds to hit the stage! We make sure that everything is back on track and we start the show, almost out of breath before it began. So yes, in life, things can take quite the turn.

After the show everything is back to normal. We watch the Scorpions rock the Arena, have some drinks and chat with our guests. After load-out there is not much to do or tell, so I'll stop here and we continue with the next day - travelling to Frankfurt! 

See ya! 
Stef out

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