BLACKbook: Scorpions-Tour - Day 0

November 22nd 2016, 18:38:

The night before the Scorpions Tour

I am sitting in my bedroom and prepare my stuff for the next 12 days. We are hitting the road with the Scorpions through Germany for their 50th Anniversary Tour...

I cannot even begin to describe how utterly surreal it feels to type these words. It seems like an ordinary November's evening; it is cold, dark and rainy outside, I am having a cup of tea and sit in front of my computer to write. Just an ordinary evening. Except it's not. The Scorpions. Man. Even when I was younger I would not even dare to dream of something like this happening, but now I sit here, amidst my clothes, my neckroll "Mr. Cat", my Laptop and an empty pizza box, feeling nothing but gratitude and that tingling sensation in your stomache when something is about to happen in your life that has the potential to change EVERYTHING (might also be the pizza, though ;)).

Recently, while riding a train to a band related appointment, I talked to Jennifer about how I perceive being in a band. It is like being on a pirate ship ("Beyond The Black" would be an awesome name for a pirate ship,by the way) with your mates, sailing the seas to new horizons, through wailing winds and changing tides towards a distant world that you are never sure it even exists. But you keep sailing, no matter the cost, no matter the risk, because you know one thing - it is worth the cost, it is worth the effort. And this very moment right now is one of the treasures we find along this journey. The treasure of gratitude, excitement and being alive and awake like never before. Sure, you are surrounded by sweaty guys all the time and the food isn't necessarily the best, but you love every second of it nonetheless.
It is a rare opportunity to do what we do, and each of us feel blessed to participate in this adventure.

So you guys, we will meet on tour, hopefully! Keep tuned for the next block when "Beyond The Black" reach the harbour in Cologne tomorrow! 

Best to all of you,

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