Metaltörn - Cologne

The first dates for this summer are coming in, and we are happy to present you the "metaltörn", a nice metal party on a cruise ship in cologne!
Consider this a warm-up party for this year's edition of Wacken Open Air, so make sure to come out and rock with us!

Tickets: Click here

Join the Black Side!

For the release of the new StarWars movie we conceived something very special:
Since the most of us are very huge Star Wars Fans we made a video for our new limited shirt!

Get them here:

May the force be with you!!

Winter Masters of Rock, Zlin

To all our Czech Fans out there:
We are absolutely happy to announce that we will return to you that soon for having a blast at Winter Masters of Rock 2017!
Cu soon :)


It's almost the end of an exciting year, but there is one more highlight to come: our headline tour „Lost in Forever 2017“ is starting Dec. 7th, and we have another amazing special guest to announce:


In 2015, Anton Kabanen left his former band BATTLE BEAST, but only to unleash another monstrous metal act unto the world, and we are more than happy to have his BEAST IN BLACK alongside KOBRA AND THE LOTUS as special guests. So up the horns and see you on the road!

Autumn specials!

The new official tourshirt of our headline tour in December, calendar of 2018 with exclusive photos of us and other new shirt designs (and there's more to come!)!

Get your stuff here:


It seems that we needed a few days to digest the impressions of our trip in Japan! ;)
If you're interested how it was over there, please stay tuned! We're currently working on a short road movie about this stunning trip!

Lost in Forever Live 2017

This year's festival season is rapidly coming to an end, but winter is approaching equally quick, and that means our headline tour through Germany is drawing nearer and nearer!

There are tickets left in the shops - regular ones as well as the special "Black Tickets" - but better be fast to get them if you are as excited as we are to embark on this tour! We also look forward to our special guest Kobra and the Lotus, so this is package is guaranteed to heat you up this winter!

Normal Tickets:
Black Tickets:

25.11.2017 Marktredwitz
07.12.2017 Köln
08.12.2017 Aschaffenburg
09.12.2017 Karlsruhe
11.12.2017 München
12.12.2017 Leipzig
14.12.2017 Hamburg
15.12.2017 Berlin
16.12.2017 Bochum
17.12.2017 Saarbrücken

Rookie for a day

Click on the link or find your registration for the "Rookie for a day" competition in the W:O:A Full Metal Bags like Jennifer did and become a member of the BTB-road crew on our headlining tour through Germany! For more info:

We hope to cu you soon !!!


Sometimes you open your mail box and find little things that make you smile, just beautiful gestures that make your day better and keep you in a cheery mood. Or just a few nice words, beautiful drawings, words of gratitude...And then there are stories when fans tell you how your music has helped them through hard times, or helped them understand the dark places they are in. And no matter what you send to us, we are always humbled and excited to receive those little pearls in our mailboxes. So here is a thank you to all of you, and be sure that none of you remain unnoticed! Thanks for making our days brighter.


It's newstime again, and this time we present you three great updates in a row!


This one needs almost no explanation, as we are the confirmed support act for the legendary Aerosmith on June 2nd in the Tauron Arena Krakow. It feels unbelievable to support these gemstones of Rock, and we cannot wait to hit the stage in Poland!

In August we will actually be back in Poland to participate in the Czad Festival! Alongside bands like Alestorm, Billy Talent, The Offspring, Epica and many others we have the honour to rock this amazing festival!

In October it's time for a holiday! A Full Metal Holiday that is, as the Wacken Crew will have a great festival for one week on Mallorca! It's sun, fun and Heavy Metal, so what more could you ask for? Hope to see you there!

So that's it for now, stay tuned for the next announcements!



A small but mighty insight in what we're doing currently... :)

Loudpark 2017

JAPAN!!!! We´re coming!! So excited for that!

Lost in Forever 2017 - Special Guest

Today, we proudly and happily want to introduce you to our special guest for our "Lost in Forever Tour 2017" through Germany this december, and our guests will be none other than the great Kobra And The Lotus from Canada! Kobra And The Lotus were on Tour with great acts like Judas Priest, Black Label Society, Slash, Steel Panther, Delain and many more, and we are sure that our friends will rock you as hard as they rocked us! We simply cannot wait!

After finishing our headline tour in Russia and our visit to Wales' Hammerfest recently we also need to say a big "thank you" to everyone who came out to the shows! It was such a blast and feels surreal that we finally manage to hit the international stages, which would be impossible without the support of you awesome people! So thanks to each and everyone of you, and we cannot wait to see you all again!

Normal tickets and Black Tickets are avaible on

normal Tickets:
Black Tickets:


Dear friends,

we are back from the European Tour with Powerwolf and Epica! At this point, we want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for coming out to the shows; it is an amazing feeling to see that the metal scene is alive and well all over Europe!

We also have some great news that we want to share with you:

For the first time in the band's history we will be touring and Russia! On March 17th in St. Petersburg and March 18th in Moscow, so are you guys ready for this? Because we are, and we cannot wait to celebrate two wonderful evenings with you guys!

On November 10th and 11th we will partake in Metal Hammer Paradise, a great indoor festival that takes place in northern Germany! We will play alongside Bands like Kreator, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf and many more! Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

For more information and tickets, check:

In December we will finally be back with our own headline tour in 9 German cities! You can also buy a special tickets with exclusive merch and a signed tourpass. Normal tickets and Black Tickets are avaible on

normal Tickets:
Black Tickets:

As you can see, we were quite busy besides touring and are very proud and happy about everything that happened the last couple of weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are and too meet you all on the road!

Best to you all,

BTB goes Russia!!

Friends and Fans in Russia! Here is a quick check-in from our european Tour with Powerwolf and Epica to give you these great news: we are coming to your country! These two headline shows are for YOU, and we cannot wait to visit your beautiful country and celebrate with all of our russian fans for the first time EVER! You can order your tickets here: 


St. Petersburg: 

BLACKbook: Scorpions-Tour - Day 10

Berlin: Mercedes-Benz-Arena

The Grand Finale in the Grand City. Mercedes-Benz-Arena, a big and modern location in what is Germany's most vibrant city. We are on our way early I cannot write that blog entry in the typical manner I did before. There is much more to it than meets the eye. I will elaborate, but for that, I need to take you back to a couple of months ago...

It was in august of 2016 when my life changed, before I even knew it. It was when I heard that Beyond The Black were searching for new Band members. It was when I decided to apply as Bass player. It came back to me the day before today when I was walking through Berlin, through the city lights that were blurred by the rain, through all the busy faces of this big and vibrant city. I remember the day of the audition, I remember the sleepless nights before and after, remember how I walked parts of my way in Berlin to make sure I would find the audition in time; I remember checking every detail to be as prepared as humanly possible, to know that it would not be my mistake if did not get chosen - and I remember seeing the Mercedes-Benz-Arena where we play tonight, which was then so close, yet so far away. 

Now, a couple of months later, I sit in the backstage area of that said Arena, wearing my stage outfit, listening to some ambient music and typing these words. I sit here, with a new outlook on so many things it scares me at times. As a teenager, I always dreamt of this happening; as a young adult, I began to chase that dream. And now I sit here, the chase is over, the dream is no longer 

a dream, but my reality, wide awake. Noone watches me as I write these words, everyone is sort of busy; tuning guitars, warming up, chatting with friends and family, or just enjoying a minute of silence. The last show of this tour, this year. And I feel like I came full circle - the surreal feeling I had before leaving home is back. Everything is so close now. So real. Surreal. 

I cannot wait for the show to start. To hit the stage with my new friends in Beyond The Black, and warm up the crowd that is waiting for the iconic Scorpions. Berlin. December 2nd, 2016 - the end of a road at the beginning of my journey. 

So how was the show? You probably know by now - it was AWESOME! A big and enthusiastic crowd, quite some of our fans were there, and the show went really, really well. It leaves a bittersweet feeling in me to know that this is it for the year. As we leave the Arena, it still feels so close, but yet so distant.

So this is it, Ladies and Gentlemen; the last blog entry. It has been a great experience, not only the tour, but also to write my thoughts and experiences down for you! I hope to see you on the road sometimes, and if you are interested, find me on Facebook under my real Name "Stefan Herkenhoff" to keep in touch! I try to write a blog regularly and started to write some short stories, so maybe you find something you like! 

Until then, Mr. Cat and I say goodbye and take care! 

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